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Herniated Disc Questions and Answers Archive 2010 Part 9
At C4-5, disc degeneration with broad-based left paracentral disc herniation and . W/the conus tip at the T12-L1 level. T12-L1 . L5-S1 shows a small central to right paracentral focal protrusion. . Mild diffuse bulge seen at L4-5 and L5-S1 level with causing minimal . Moderate sized central T7-T8 disk protrusion is noted.


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Herniated Disc Questions and Answers Archive 2010 Part 11
Q: About my back pain disease. i'm 25 years old guy. i have a very little mid . Can you pls provide me with some information regarding T11/T12 herniation . The C6-7 interspace shows a right paracentral/lateral prominent disk . My MRI of LS Spine has following findings- There is a disc degeneration at T12-L1 L4-5 level.